Welcome Stranger,

Currently on our Eco Server….

3.0 Meteor has been Destroyed!

New world 4.0

We Launched our 4.0, the guys got the Meteor down in 3.0, and now we are going Vanilla, well Vanilla + Next foods, but that’s it.

We’re doing this to get ready for Eco 9.0 and a bit more of a challenge, think we can do it again?

World History:

Sadly we could not beat the Meteor on World 1.0 … We still had a long road to go, and not enough active players.

And then on 2.0 We where up to great start, but sadly the Server Owner had to stop hosting the server, and the server files where lost….

3.0 we heavily modded the world, and sadly payed with some serve stability issues, so we’re going vanilla for the next world, to make sure it’s fast and bug free, well as bug free as we can get on a 4km world with a good player base.

4.0 New 4 km World, Just started Now, July 31st, Running Vanilla with NextFood as the only mod so far implemented. We’re going for Stability and up time this time around.

Big shout out tight group of regular players who stuck around till the end! ,

World 1.0 “The Factory” Made by Lila, Marc, Exogen and OrangeRabies.

Come Join our Server, and see what we are all about!

A whole New World…

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