Ecogistics for Eco

Have you ever had too many chests and stockpiles just full of items? Are you trying to find that one item, but have lost it in a warehouse full of storage? Do you wish to just craft something, but the items are just put out of range?

Well then you’re in luck! With Applied Ecogistics you can now connect all your storage to one system and access every item from one convenient Item Accessor(Patent pending).

This mod is highly inspired by the Minecraft mod: “Applied Energistics” but is not affiliated with it.

This mod contains the following:
•Item Accessor – A block that will list and allow the deposition and removal of all items connected to the system.
•Item Connector – A block that will allow storage items to be connected to the system.
•Power Connector – A block that will provide additional power to your system. Different cores support different numbers of power connectors.
•Core Tier 1, 2 & 3 – The core of the system. Only one is allowed and provides power to all connected Item System devices.
•Item Storage Drives – An item that has an internal inventory, which can only be accessed by an Item System.
•Item Storage Drive Container – A block that can hold Item Storage Drives and connects them to the Item System as additional storage space.
•A New skill.
•A priority system – To prioritize which storage gets accessed first.
•Configuration – After running the server for the first time, a config file named “ItemSystem.mod.template” will be created in the Configs folder, where you can change some settings for the mod.

Features that are in the mod, but are unfinished and lack crafting recipes:
•Item Exporter – A block that will automatically push the selected items from your Item System into connected inventories.

•Item Importer – A block that will automatically pull items from connected inventories into your Item System.

Planned features:
•Item sorting (Depending on when Eco will support Item selections for mod GUIs).
•Access Control.

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