Eco World 3.0 Mods!

Below is a list of Mod’s we’re using for 3.0 world, more info in the links below, as to what they change, new crafting options, etc.

If you would like to Check these mods on the Dev server and get an Idea of the new world size / seed. Fire up Eco… and follow these steps!

Below is a list of Mods on this Dev Server we hope will make it to our 2.0 world.

Home TP (part -off)

We can Teleport Home!!! please see this guide on how to use this useful feature on a large 4km world! How to Teleport home


This Modpack Consists for 3 Modpacks: Decorative Pack, Convenience Pack, Features Kit!

Deco Pack that adds stain glass and other awesome items, a Convenience Pack that allows tailings to be properly stored and dealt with (wish I had that when I was digging mines at bedrock in 1.0), and lastly some nice feature packs, like teleport, warps no to mention new recipes.

Check Link for more info.

Allows the Crafting of the Disassembly Table and skill set, which allows the Disassembly of Items no longer needed in game.

5X Carry!

Now Allows 5X the Carry capacity from Vanilla, making it much, easier log around resources.

Applied Ecogistics for ECO

Have you ever had too many chests and stockpiles just full of items? Are you trying to find that one item, but have lost it in a warehouse full of storage? Do you wish to just craft something, but the items are just put out of range?

Well then you’re in luck! With Applied Ecogistics you can now connect all your storage to one system and access every item from one convenient Item Accessor(Patent pending).


Actual mod that adds bathroom objects – toilet, washstand and bathtub.

Wash your hands to prevent coronavirus!

Aquaculture Mod

Do you think the oceans in Eco are devalued ? That their exploitation remains too often forgotten because of their lack of usefulness ? How about you change that ?
This mod has been made to give value to this area and to create a new form of gameplay for Eco. Let yourself be tempted by the Aquaculture, create and sell your products to your cooks and discover wonderful new recipes based on the marine exploitation…

Added recipes in Fishery, Mill, Aquarium, Cast Iron Stove, Bakery Oven, Kitchen and Stove…

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