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Pineapple Tree House Gaming Group was started by two idiots in a ventrilo server back in 2003, when nobody cared about much other than playing some games and having a good time. It is in the spirit of that we now found this website. We hope that people come together and play games no matter what they are. From time to time we host a variety of different game servers including, Eco Survival ,Minecraft, Terraria, Factorio,Raft and others. Many of us play MMO’s like FFX14 and WoW. We enjoy Fps games like Valorant and CS:GO I mean we play everything. So why the website? well why not? Come join us in discord, play on our server, or just get to know someone you might not have. Those two idiots I mentioned earlier have been friends for over 20 years and over two countries. So anyone up for a game?

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